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Belief is a Sledgehammer | Thoughts, Musings & Essays


Nearly 15 years ago, inspired by Edward R. Murrow's series "This I Believe," Literate Ape co-editor Don Hall started writing a weekly column entitled "I Believe…" on his blogspot blog.

Since that time, he has written five statements of belief every week equaling nearly 4,000 beliefs — profane, political, about relationships and finance, art and life. Anything that he saw or experienced was chronicled in some ways in this weekly rumination. 

After a few years of contemplation (and procrastination) Literate Ape Press is pleased to announce the publishing (in paperback and on Kindle) of Belief is a Sledgehammer | Thoughts, Musings & Essays.

Wait Wait…Don't Tell Me! Scorekeeper and legendary anchorman Bill Kurtis writes:

“Don Hall is a real world Yoda for these times — delivering his wisdom with a biting punch line.  He wields his pen like a lightsaber, taking no prisoners, going straight for the heart of all manner of matters.  The dark forces may just have found their match in the light of his piercing insights.”

Get your copy today and read it on the toilet because that's where you're supposed to read it.

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