In addition to helping you create dynamic events I am also a public speaker and storyteller, a podcaster, and a writer all available for hire.


In addition to recording and editing my own storytelling podcast, Peculiar Journeys, I also record and edit several live events podcasts and the Literate ApeCast.

Using the Shure Motiv app, an MV-88 microphone and an iPad Pro, I can guarantee portability, speed and a full service experience from recording to broadcast.

I can record and edit your live event for $200.00 (complete with SoundCloud and Apple Podcasts upload.)



I've been writing and publishing essays, stories, articles and have self published a number of books for a while.

Below are a few samples of my writing for consideration.

The Big Fish and Von Freeman

Personal narrative.

Digital Tombstones and Dying Invisibly in Plain Sight 

Personal narrative framed by researched commentary.

Is It Art or Is It Competitive Therapy? The Paradox of the Slam 

Cultural criticism.

Skip Taylor and The Devil Dog

First person fiction.

A Job Interview as Full Contact Combat

A short recounting of an odd interviewing process.

Hosting the 35th Anniversary of Metro Chicago

Hosting the 35th Anniversary of Metro Chicago


Along the cluttered road, I have acted as host (or master of ceremonies) for a number of low- and high-profile experiences. From being a five-year referee for Chicago ComedySportz to the five-year host of The Moth Chicago StorySlam, I comprehend that hosting isn’t about the host but about the event. Combine that knowledge with the decades of telling stories on stages and I provide everything you need to host your anniversary, showcase, fundraiser or corporate function.

Adding to that, I have created and taught for

PMDMC (Public Media Development and Marketing Conference) with Tony Bol on the subject of Live Events in public media.

Rocky Mountain Community Radio Coalition Conference

“Everyone raved about Don Hall's session on events and sponsorship. He teed up a fun, fast-packed kickoff to our annual conference and brought thorough, tested evidence from throughout his career. As a conference organizer, I got thanked more for Don's session than anything else we lined up.”

Gavin Dahl 
President, Rocky Mountain Community Radio Coalition
General Manager, KDNK Radio

National Federation of Community Broadcasters National Conference in San Diego